Jason was on my mind constantly. He kept me hot all the time. 

The feeling of his strong, athletic hands at the small of my back was all I could think of… See, his hands had that strength from years of gripping and throwing the football. Now, he was putting that power to good use getting me to open up to him one layer at a time.

My heart pounded at the thought. I really hoped my co-workers didn’t notice how flushed my face was. The truth is, even though I was supposed to be paying attention to whatever those papers on my desk were about, all I could focus on was the anticipation about our hook up this Friday. One, long, tortuous day to go.
Really, it wouldn’t have been so hard for me if he wasn’t so good damn that first time we kissed. His tongue, his hand, his technique…like he knew exactly what to do. Straight talk. The wait and the anticipation were driving me crazy. The minutes crawled by. Friday hurry up and get here.
My mind started to wander. I started imagining sexy scenarios and perfect fantasy scenes. I fed my imagination and I decided to let it motivate me to get through the rest of the day. Oh yeah, we were going to act these out for real this weekend. I would finally feel my skin to be touched by his again, his lips on mine. Oh, he has me sprung. I was so trying to keep my cool.
Normally, I go through the day acting like an ice princess, ignoring all the catcalls and dudes trying to get my number. But, this is the first time in a long time that I have actually have a strong attraction for someone. The more I thought about him, the more intense my desires were. Now, I couldn’t look at any other man without seeing his face on them.
What am I going to wear? I am going to look my best and blow his mind. The right dress, the right stilettos, the right panties, and that perfect lipstick color. But right now, I just had to make it through the day.

But right now, I just had to make it through the day. Hurry up 5:00.