This season’s runway is full of high fashion color, classic patterns, and flirty shapes.  The days of the bland are gone. It is a new era in the world of fashion. Even with all of the new developments, fortunately some familiar themes such as intricate lace detail and fine form lines are making a comeback. What you put on underneath is as important as what you put on.  Even if the world doesn’t see it, you know it’s there.  You want to be both comfortable and FEEL sexy at the same time.

Some of the trends we are seeing are classic ’40s-style suiting, lovely Empire waistlines, and delicate pleating. What you put under those designs matters as well because it could affect how it lays on the body or, sometimes, if it fits properly at all.  There is a perfect lingerie for each of life’s special moments that will not leave dreaded panty line nor be the bra that embarrassingly steals the show at your corporate office party.
So, when it comes to fine lingerie, what you put on your skin should both look good and feel good. 

This applies whether you are going out and wearing these under clothes or staying in and enjoying the lingerie with your mate as a mere appetizer or an integral part of the main course.  Whether is day wear or date night, Kinky Perfect has got you covered.

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