My Nana used to tell me, “Ships at a distance hold every woman’s wish on board.”  

Of course she had never left the little town in Alabama where she was born.  Her whole life, she kept diaries full of unfulfilled dreams and wishes.  I grew up determined not to go out like that.

So, my favorite response to her was always, “Nana, ‘Nothing comes from dreamers but dreams.’”  

I didn’t tell her that it was a verse from a Prince song because she would have called it ‘Devil music’ but the next line always resonated with me the most, ‘sitting idle in a boat while everyone else is down the stream’.  Those words were not a part of my values nor my vocabulary: dreams, sitting still, or being idle.

I look up at the expansive, luxurious cruise ship in the port before me now. I smile to myself, raise a metaphorical toast, and say, “This voyage is for you, Nana Redman.”

I savor the salty, sweet smell of the Pacific Ocean as it smacks the San Diego shores.  With the exception of a sweltering, half-day cruise in middle school, I have never been out on the ocean before.  And I most certainly have never set foot on such a magnificent vessel as the one that I am about to board now.

As I walk on the pier, my entourage includes my female butler, Theresa, and two porters, all three of whom were provided courtesy of the ship’s Captain. At the gangplank, he greets me warmly, by name, and assures me that he had personally selected this team that would be on call for me 24/7 during our travels.

One porter walks in front of me while the other two bring up the rear, rolling two carts of my bags, which consists of nine matching, rich gold and brown Louis Vuitton pieces, including the classic steamer trunk. Oh, if they only knew what was in those bags…. The toys alone would titillate them. I had to pay good money to have my bags checked by a trusted comrade, thanks to my team’s pre-planning. I laugh again and pinch myself one more time. I have been doing that a lot lately, but this day was extra special.

I continue up the long the gangplank, hearing the familiar whistles and catcalls, this time from the seamen working the lines of the ship.  They gawk openly and a few boldly try to sneak a peek up my skirt as it flutters in the warm ocean breeze.  I feel that chill and goose bumps appear across my body, but it isn’t from being cold. It is from those waves of excitement, that very familiar thrill. Earlier this morning, I debated throwing on that red lace thong, but decided to go without it.

So, here I am, completely au naturale. I hadn’t counted on the winds being this strong at the port. The afternoon breeze  takes the skirt of my dress in every direction. Instead of continuing to make the futile effort to hold it down, I just walk proudly, naughtily letting let it blow in the wind. Go ahead fellas – enjoy my commando show for free while you can.  

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