Being a fashion model isn’t all that easy. I always do my best to stay in tip-top shape by being physically active, eating healthy and having a clean lifestyle. Sadly, despite all my effort, it does nothing for my bust line. I used to go on photo shoots and the bikinis would just swim on me, no pun intended. Some projects slipped by me because I lack that extra umph! There was even a time when I doubted myself and thought of just giving up on my chosen career. But that was all before my agent introduced me to Poom Poom Push Ups. These pure silicone breast push up pads made a huge difference not only in my career, but most importantly, on my self-esteem. Now, whenever I go on photo shoots, walk on runways, or simply go out with friends, I always have that renewed self-confidence knowing that whatever I wear with my Poom Poom Push Ups will fit my curves perfectly.

Thank you Poom Poom Push Ups for boosting my confidence and my modelling career!