Who says everyone has to dress exactly the same and look like cookie cutter fashion?  

When it comes to personal style, you set the pace.

It’s the attitude you bring whatever you are wearing that make the difference. When you were extremely young, they told you that outfit was too grown up for you. Then when you are older, they say, that outfit is too young for you.  What is the in between?

You Have To Make Your Own Rules.

When it comes to red carpets and formal events, you want to be remembered.  Who wants to be the flower that sits on the wall never dancing or enjoying herself? Be like Cinderella and be your own belle of the ball.  When it comes to making an entrance, you have one chance to make it right so make it count.

Never let anyone else’s fashion sense make you cower in fear or lose self confident. Walk in that room like you own it. And when it comes to your dress, the bolder the better.

You only live once…Make it Legendary.