Looking your best and feeling your best are the foundations for a great date.

Plus, you never know which date could magically lead to that happy ending.  So, here are some helpful tips to help you be your most radiant come date night.

  1. When it comes to dressing, keep it classy, sexy, and let your confidence shine through. Dress in the clothes that you are most comfortable in and make sure that you don’t look over dressed. If you are going out for dinner, pay attention to the dress code for the place where you are going to dine. If you are going to club, dress for a fun night out and make sure you dress to be seen.
  1. Wearing cologne and perfumes can be a turn on for your date too. But don’t overdo it. Some like to breathe in a whiff of your shampoo as you walk by or when you greet your date with a warm hug.  Think of scents you like such as warm vanilla or jasmine.  Floral and fruity scents are also perfect for an evening of flirtatious talking and light conversations. Keep it light.
  2. When I comes to make up, don’t go overboard. Some men prefer to see the real you shine through instead of struggling to peek through a cakey mask of make-up. So keep it natural. If you are a makeup enthusiast, learning about techniques that accent you features, like contouring, might work for you. Another option is neutral or natural shades of eye shadow can contribute to your natural look.
  1. Shoes can be the universal language of the date night diva. Stilettos anyone? High heels can accentuate your legs, define your curves, and make your legs look elongated. I personally am a fan of wearing short skirts with these stilettos or a dress that fits my curves like a second skin.
  1. When I comes to the interpersonal experience, communication is key. It’s cool to talk but be sure to listen too.  If he tells you he’s not looking for anything serious, listen and take him at his word.  But if he leans in and listens intently when you are sharing your life story, that could be a really good thing too.
  1. They say beauty shines from the inside out. So, remember to let your true personality radiate.

Most importantly, of all of things you can wear, confidence is the most important.  

So wear it with style.